Imagine if there was a condom that actually enhanced your sex life? Scientific researchers around the world are on a mission to create the Next Generation Condom following a multi-million dollar Global Health Challenge announced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Filmmakers: Randall Wood
Year: 2017
Runtime: 60 mins
Country: Australia
Format: HD


The human race has a 15 thousand year history of using them. They save millions of people from disease, death and unintended pregnancies. But despite the unrolling of well over 5 billion condoms each year around the world, most people dislike using them.
Imagine if there was a condom that actually enhanced your sex life – a condom that men wanted to wear and women yearned to experience…

The announcement of a multi-million dollar prize by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spurred a global quest for the perfect condom. Innovators around the world are rising to the challenge: to design and manufacture the Next Generation Condom. A shortlist will be decided in November, but the real winner will be the first to launch their product into a multi-billion dollar market.

We’ll meet highly competitive teams from China, Australia, UK and the US investigating a range of extraordinary materials and approaches at the forefront of engineering and design. Each has their own unique story to tell driven by money, obsession, passion, humanitarian belief and steely determination. They have one thing in common – the extraordinary lengths they will go to in search of a breakthrough.



Director: Randall Wood

Producers: Ruth Cross & Randall Wood

Executive Producer: Simon Nasht